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SHOCKBOXX gallery draws inspired crowds to Hermosa Beach’s thriving industrial arts district


Ever since Laura Schuler and Mike Collins began hosting events at their ShockBoxx art gallery in Hermosa’s Cypress Avenue District, a robust audience has been spilling out onto the streets several times a month. 


Sharks invade ShockBoxx gallery in Hermosa Beach

By Mike Hixon

“Shark Week” opened Saturday at the ShockBoxx Project Gallery, located at 636 Cypress St. in Hermosa Beach.

The exhibit was the brainchild of artist...

“Off with their heads!” It’s a Queendom at ShockBoxx Gallery

by bondo Wyszpolski

“Queendom,” the installation piece by Patty Grau and Diane Strack, which was one of the highlights or hijinks of last...

Work of Art: Cypress Street fixture Keoni Boyd, after decades in surfboard industry, looks back with a Hermosa Beach gallery show steps from the places he calls home

By ryan mcdonald

Timing is everything in surfboard manufacturing, but Keoni Boyd does not wear a watch. Nor does he have a cell phone. Going back to...


Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 4.13.17 PM.png

Hermosa Beach ShockBoxx, new art gallery, is ready to ‘Break the System’


Mike Collins and Laura Schuler were gazing in wonder at the walls of ShockBoxx, the new art gallery they are opening on Cypress Avenue. The first official show takes place this weekend, but a sort of soft opening happened last month, when they invited fellow...

ShockBoxx gallery continues artistic tradition in Hermosa Beach's Cypress District

By Michael Hixon

Artists Laura Schuler and Mike Collins said their new Hermosa Beach gallery, ShockBoxx Project Gallery, will be a place to “challenge artists.”

“It's a place to be experimental, a place to make more artists vulnerable in terms of pushing them...

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ShockBoxx Gallery // 636 Cypress Ave // Hermosa Beach, CA 90254