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kymm Swank

Is Kymm Swank your real name?

Kimberly Swank is my legal name. When I was little and learning how to read and write I changed the spelling of Kim to Kymm. My parents liked it and my family has called me Kymm since then. 

Take us into your studio. Do you have one? Where do you paint? Do you have an organized routine around painting?

And I adore my studio. I am lucky to have one in our building, two doors down from our loft. It has 21’ ceilings and is an open, raw-ish space. I can make a big ole mess and I love it. I also love being able to work on something, then go make dinner, and come back afterwards.

My routine varies, but I like painting in the morning the best. I try to create something, even if I just write down an idea or doodle, every day. 

Do you work a regular job, or are you a full time painter?

I work a regular job in the Film Industry. I’m a Camera Assistant. Because it is freelance I often get long stretches when I can just be in the studio. Which is my favorite place, other than a taco cart. 

It seems like we met you because of the Art Fair in Venice. How did that come together?

I think we first met after I posted a solo show invite through LAAA. You sent me an email and I checked out what you guys were doing. I quietly bided my time, waiting until you had a show I thought my work would fit into. 

However you did come to the Venice fair, but I sadly wasn’t there that night. My roommate said she really liked you guys and then, serendipitously, you posted a call for the FUN show. I thought my work could definitely fit and it did!  

Your first show with us was the FUN show. How much FUN was that?

I had a total blast participating in that show and learning about Patti Astor and that whole fantastic early New York scene. I loved the screening of Wild Style. I had no idea the wealth of cultural reference that film generated. 

It seems like you instantly fit in and felt comfortable with the Usual Suspects at the gallery…have any thoughts about why that is the case?

And do you mean fit in artistically or personality-wise? Either way I think it’s because you and Laura have tried to gather a good group of people and develop a space where artists can explore, take risks and have fun. Maybe step outside of their creative boxes. At least that’s the vibe I get. And it’s really awesome to participate in that vibe. 


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