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Emma…what’s the story with how you started painting?

 I don't know it really doesn't feel like there's much of a story. Art and specifically creating things was always something that just felt more like a characteristic almost and not really something like a hobby. There wasn't really a moment where I sat down and thought of myself as an artist. It was just something that was there. Now that I'm growing up a bit and going to school and learning different programs and concepts that are new to me, I'm starting to realize that there's a definite "language" in everything. I'm so grateful because, looking back, that language of art and being able to graphically communicate was something I had down when I was really young and I didn't even realize it. Art was always something that just made sense. When I finally started going to a painting studio (The Artist Within Studio in Redondo. It's closed now but I'll still rep the shit out of them. Kelsey Fair is an artistic angel who deserves to be praised) I was in 2nd or 3rd grade everything just made so much sense and I felt so at home. It was like everyone there was speaking my language and everything they said opened up more and more to me. Those times sitting around with 10 other kids around a dining room table was what really sparked it all for me and opened up a whole new medium. They supported me to start selling at a very young age which I'm not gonna lie made me get a lil more into it then I was before and allowed me to continue supporting my art as I grew.   

 We know the story about how you ended up at ShockBoxx, but the people don’t. Wanna tell it?

 I have a horrible memory but I know that a beautiful woman named Renee Stauffer introduced me to Mike and a couple emails later I was in.

 It seems like you are always busy. What’s up with you when you are not painting?

 I'm not busy I'm just a bit of a masochist apparently because I like to do things to myself like taking the maximum number of class units allowed (I'm pursuing a degree in Construction Management and would like to ultimately get into development), working at a Landscape Design office doing CAD, doing freelance art and murals and, juggling some sick-ass Autoimmune health problems. When I'm not doing that stuff I'd like to think I'd be doing one of my other productive hobbies like playing the uke or moving my body but I'd probably just be doing something stupid staring at a wall somewhere wasting time. 

Tell us the story of that red painting with the woman…the one that was in the first show you were in at ShockBoxx.

 ((((( Im mixed about talking about this piece because shes not my concept and I wanna distance myself from that. feels dirty now man)))

 You are the youngest of The Usual Suspects, but you have the eye of an old soul. What’s up with your current pursuit of all these iconic locations and images?

 It started out as something kinda passive aggressive. I'm 3 or 4th generation Southbay and grew up in Hermosa and a MAJOR creature of habit when it comes to places. I had to move up north for a year or two to deal with some health problems and when I came back everything was different. I got a job on Pier and when I'd get off work and look for a bite to eat I'd just walk aimlessly looking for something I wouldn't need an ID for. It's bullshit when everything around is a burger that costs more than my hourly wage (by a lot). Zeppys (the reason I can bike with no hands {pizza in one hand, drink to wash it down in the other}) is a god damn lettuce stand. These places that made Hermosa Hermosa are gone forever. I like to paint these kinds of stuff because I'm selfish and I like to be reminded of them but also because I love being able to create something that instantly creates a reaction from someone. I love seeing people share memories and laugh and remember these places we all love so much. It's my own stubborn way of remembering the places that affected me. (((((Im gonna change this one))))



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